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Stationary printing Logan

Good afternoon readers, thanks for tuning in for some more Stationary printing Logan from Uniprint QLD. Its happening! The move has crept up on us ad the big day is tomorrow.

We are moving house and office to a new premises in Yarrabilba Queensland 4207 Australia. This is a suburb of Brisbane near Jimboomba, so we will still be your logan Printer and graphic design experts.

In terms of the actual design & printing of business cards, Letterheads, triplicate invoice books, magazines, flyers & banners not much will be changing. Our admin office will move to Yarrabilba, but our production partners will remain in their current locations on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

Stationary printing Logan & Graphic Design with Uniprint QLD

Uniprint QLD can freight any order to your door, from our closest production facility. We use Fastway couriers or Australia Post depending on the parcel and the customers requirements / availability to sign for the parcel.

We have a removalist booked to move all of the furniture and boxes. It was a special deal through my Fiancee Ashleighs work contacts (University of Queensland at St Lucia), where we get 2 men and an 8 Tonne truck for $70 per hour.

I thought that hourly rate was an offer I couldn’t refuse! I am planning to do as little lifting as possible, which is to say probably lots. Although the removalists will be doing the heavy lifting, there is still plenty of stuff to take in my Nissan Navara Ute. We have already done 5 trips each for myself and Ashleigh in her Holden Barina.

I also moved my 2 fish tanks over to the new house on Monday so that was one less thing to think about tomorrow. The move went well – I put the fish into Eskies, drained the tanks, moved them and refilled at the new house. I kept the filters and the substrate in the tanks wet so that levels of good bacteria etc remained strong even after the huge water change.

I have been back today to check on the fish and ferry across a few more loads. I haven’t had a single casualty from the move, which I’m very happy with. I also got a heap of new Fissidens and moss’ from my friends creek in North Maclean.  I will include some photos in my next post which will likely be in 4-5 days, once we settle into our new home for Brisbane graphic designers and stationary printing Logan.


Computer problems in printing Paradise

Welcome back  Uniprint QLD, where we thrive on our reputation as a Brisbane Printer & Design specialist.

Sorry it has been 10 days again since my last blog post.  We have been flat out and having a second child has taken over our lives.

To make things better, my computer froze and refused to start today. The screen showed a fuzzy checkered pattern and I could move the mouse but nothing else. I initially didn’t think much of it, and re-started the computer. I began to worry a little after it did the same thing 5 times in 1 day.

I googled the symptoms and it was a known problem that seems to be exacerbated by overheating. I looked a little further and found a youtube video explains how to take apart an intel iMac for cleaning. I was hoping that the computer was shutting down due to the safety feature that protects from overheating.

Dust commonly gathers around the fans and cooling channels which can severely impact performance and initiate the shut down sequence once a critical temperature is reached.

It turns out that the screen is only held in by magnets, and can be popped off with suction cups or a piece of tape with reasonably strong adhesive. Once the glass comes off, there are 8 small star shaped screws to remove before the screen lifts out.  Be careful and only lift the screen a few inches because there are 4 very short and fiddly wires to disconnect before removing the screen.

Behind the screen is a mass of different computer chips, capacitors, boards (Im showing my ignorance here) and a few fans that were covered in dust. I vacuumed and blew out as much dirt as I could before putting carefully putting the computer back together.

The computer is definitely running cooler and is starting again, but has frozen once since I did the clean.  Fingers crossed I have fixed the issue, and Im not up for a new computer.

If you would like to discuss your Brisbane printing requirement, phone or email Uniprint QLD (Your printer Logan)

business cards Logan

We are back to talk about business cards Logan at Uniprint QLD.

We survived our move  house and office move to 19 Bright st Yarrabilba QLD 4207. I absolutely love the new house and I’m so happy that we made the move.

Business Cards Logan – printing by Uniprint QLD

Having said that, it has been a supremely stressful week and we haven’t even finished unpacking or cleaning the old house yet. We started moving smaller items and setting up my fish tans at the new house on Monday last week, and the actual move day was Thursday.

To make life evermore stressful, I had a BBQ to celebrate my Birthday on Saturday night. We had a few friends around who also have young families. The adults ate and drank too much while the kids had blast playing outside for most of the time.

I also got some extremely cool Fissidens from a friend for my fish tank, which I have started scan on to rocks and pieces of coral.

Aquatic mosses and Fissidens are fairly rare and ‘in demand’ in the Brisbane Queensland area amongst the aquarium hobbyists. Hopefully I can find the ideal conditions which will allow them to thrive so I can sell them through private auctions.

A small square 5cm x 5cm is currently selling for around $15-20, so it can be a lucrative market if you can generate enquiry. The next problem will be keeping sufficient stock for cultivation, as most of these moss and fission varieties grow extremely slowly.

On the upside, if I can generate enquiry for the fissidens, I can then add a high value back link to my Brisbane printing site. I am also going to test this theory by offering my elite endler guppy hybrids for sale on the local fish an aquarium forums. I can then include a back with anchor text like Logan printer, print design QLD etc.

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