Good morning world! lets talk about our new direction in 2017. Promoting Uniprint QLD as Brisbane’s Branding Expert, rather than ‘just a Brisbane printer & graphic designer‘. I met on Friday with one of my mentors named Liz, who I hadn’t seen for 3 or 4 years. We enjoyed a coffee and chatted about what has been happening in our lives as well. Then Liz also proceeded to drop knowledge bombs on me for a few hours.

The problem with most cheap SEO providers

Liz recently spent a year and a few thousand dollars educating herself on SEO through an industry leading course. She shares my belief that most search engine optimisation companies have no idea how to deliver on their offering. The few local providers who understand the current and ever changing Google algorithm are charging at least $4000 per month. They do this knowing that any competitors not charging a premium rate have no idea what they are doing.

Liz says that there is a myriad of back end details of your website that has become extremely important for your Google ranking. Duplicate content of any kind seems to be the most common pitfall. Liz mentioned a number of technical details that went straight over my head. Such as a contents pages for your blog being viewed as duplicate content and the same for author archives.

Liz has automated the online lead generation funnels for her business using the principles she learnt and her business is booming. Since automating their sales process Liz has doubled her income and only works 3 mornings a week.

Liz shared the basic gist of these principles with me and discussed 2017 in regards to  digital & offset printing Brisbane. Liz also helped me finally accept that Logan printing is shrinking & can’t be our sole focus moving in the future.

Branding for Brisbane companies – websites, design & print

I believe the print companies in Brisbane CBD like will struggle if they from only sell printing and design services. I believe we need to diversify in coming years when the market shrinks further as more things move online.

Many Queensland printers are leaving the printing industry voluntarily once they see the writing on the wall. Many other have simply run out of money and gone out of business.

I think this is fairly common across most manufacturing industries across Australia. This seems to be a symptom of globalisation and the state of the local and world economies.

We are already offering branding services to QLD Australia in the form of printing and design. It seemed like a natural fit to also start offering websites.

I think we will offer a range of different website packages. Probably starting at $500 for a single home page, $1000 for 5 pages, $1500 for a 10 page site. I have a developer on board who I have worked with before and know I can trust.

The next step will be to change our branding message to start promoting our new website creation services.  Starting with existing customers, then new customers and the marketing message on our website.

Don’t worry, we will still be offering a complete range of print products like business cards Logan, calendars, stickers Brisbane, magnets, labels, envelopes, invoice books, banners, brochures, flyers, postcards etc.

What is a lead magnet?

Part of the recipe for success that Liz used to build her business was to offer something of value for free, to act as a ‘lead magnet’. Her rate of inquiry increased greatly by offering a free skills assessment for new virtual assistants. They offer the customer an online course for $12. This gives them some skills and tool kits to hopefully succeed as a ‘Solopreneur’ in QLD Australia.

As the next phase of their sales process, the customer is offered an the choice between an online training course for around $495 or a premium training and mentoring package for around $2500. The premium package offers face to face mentoring and 1 on 1 support by Liz and her team.

They teach the new VA’s how to start their business, where to look for new customers and how to secure new customers, manage cash flow, overheads, workload etc.

As a result of automating Liz’s sale process, the whole process works better. Now every inquiry gets 100% attention and the ideal experience every time, when they want it. This has translated into an increase in volume and quality of sales and has freed up Liz’s time immensely. This allows her to spend more time with the ‘premium’ clients who are invested and pro-active.

Building our inquiry funnels for Brisbane printing

I am looking to achieve a similar result by creating a range of different enquiry funnels specific to each type of product.  For example their will be a seperate funnel for  business card printing Logan QLD, stickers Logan and printer Brisbane south, Brisbane’s magnets.

As our lead magnet, I am planning to offer a free logo from a range of generic logo styles. I will simply input the customer company name into the logo template and supply it to them as a PDF, JPG. At the same time the customer will be offered a customised logo created by our designer Sue for $60 + GST.

The customer will then be a choice between 1000 business cards for the price of 500. The up-sell is a business stationary/marketing package including design & printing business cards, brochures, stickers & magnets.

My next task is working out the normal prices and what discounted price our packages will be offered at instead. Liz is helping me out by offering a networking package and marketing package to her virtual assistant network.

I am also looking at advertising my lead magnet on business forums such as Flying Solo and other similar sites.

I imagine the offer will also be emailed to the network of existing VA’s as well. In due course these 2 packages will soon be part of the offering made to potential customers of Virtual Assistant training programs.

If you have any branding requirement, chat with  friendly team in Brisbane about your printing, website or graphic design. Contact our office in Yarrabilba, Logan QLD 4207 by phone or email.