I’m back with another update from Uniprint QLD – Your business branding experts. We have been repping the Brisbane printer life here in Logan. The orders we have in progress at the moment include business stationary and marketing material such as magnet calendars, vinyl stickers, paper  labels, CMYK business cards, duplicate invoice books, letterheads and envelopes.

I have been making a big effort to get fitter, so I have been eating much better, running and working out. We are trying not to eat anything out of a packet and cook all meals from scratch.

Lately I have been running a circuit of 3.8km in total – First I run around 3km, then stop at the park which has a variety of workout stations. I do 3 sets of chin ups, dips, arm cycle & leg raises to exhaustion, then I run 0.8km home from the park.

I have been doing this run and workout combination for a few months now and I have been measuring my progress with a workout app on my Samsung Phone. This app measures a huge variety of data, such as average speed, maximum speed, steps per minute, altitude lost or gained etc. It can even measure your heart rate using the finger scanner on the back of the phone.

I started running around a year ago with a group of guys from the kung fu school where I used to train. We started out running around 1km around the Carina Primary School where we trained and our average time was around 6 minutes. At the time, that distance felt extremely exhausting and we ran that circuit as part of our 1.5 hour workout for about 6 months.

After 6 months we all got fitter and we got our time down to 5:30, then the instructor changed the run to 2 laps, which was around 2km. Initially our time per km increased due to the longer distance, but we eventually got our time per km back down to around 5:30 as our fitness increased.

I stopped training at the kung fu school around 6 months ago, and started  training by myself instead. There were a couple of reasons for leaving the kung fu school. I was driving 45 minutes each direction, spending $24 each Saturday and not enjoying myself as much as I used too.

There were 2 students who I found extremely irritating, which was sucking the fun out of training. I also found myself frustrated with the infrequent sparring opportunities and the general culture of the school.

I was there to learn how to fight and wanted to practice fighting people every chance I got. Instead I found myself spending most of my time at the school performing ‘forms’, 2 man drills, and practicing techniques with a non resisting opponent. I felt after 5 years of this type of training, I really needed to practice in live situations like sparring or randomised drills to progress further.

My problem with this culture / type of training is that it is extremely unrealistic and doesn’t transfer to real life scenarios when you have an opponent who is resisting your attacks and genuinely launching their own attack.

I had been sparring with my friend Trent who also trained at the school every chance I got outside of class, and I found that I could hold my own against the higher level students or instructors when sparring.  I realised that the only thing I was doing differently is that I was actually practicing fighting in live scenarios, and the others weren’t.

Many of the students at the school were stuck in ‘technique land’ – believing that the techniques they learnt are so superior that they would totally overpower the opponents attack.

I think part of the problem with traditional martial arts, is that the vast majority of instructors are not really fighters and there are no competition events between schools of the same art.  Many instructors position themselves  as fighting experts, although many of them have never had a real fight with a sober person. Let alone having competed against a professional or even amateur fighter.

Long story short, I got tired of people who were delusional about their level of effectiveness and learning from an instructor who was not really an elite level fighter. I had been watching videos of John Wayne Parr (who is a 10 time Muay Thai champion) and realised how badly my ‘Sifu’ would get beaten if you locked him in a cage with Mr Parr for an MMA or Kickboxing fight

For example boxing, kick boxing and MMA are popular in many countries throughout the world, and there are an elite level of professional fighters competing for titles at a variety of events. This availability of competition has greatly increased the level of skill, and also produced many boxing coaches to train the future generations.

Since leaving the kung fu school, I have seriously broadened my thinking and have been watching a lot of MMA fights and started boxing/ kick boxing training. I have been working at identifying techniques from succesful fighters and learning them myself through watching Youtube tutorial videos then practicing them myself at home. The fighters I find inspiring at the moment are Dominic Cruz, TJ Dillashaw, Wonderboy Thompson, Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor who are all current UFC fighters.

I have been sparring with Trent /some of the other guys from Kung Fu, and was surprised by the effectiveness of the techniques and movement that I had taught myself. This made me very happy that I made the right decision. I am saving money, learning more effective techniques and I get to learn or practice the things I actually want to.

Another benefit in this approach is that I am required to think a lot more about which techniques are effective and which I would like to learn / practice. Im excited for the journey forward and shaping myself into a more effective fighter. My focus at the moment has been footwork /movement, and  counter punching both in offense and defense.

Over the Christmas break I bought myself a heavy bag, speed ball and floor to ceiling ball, and my friend Lee has built me a boxing station to mount them on. Im really excited to have training tools at home so I can train whenever I want.

We are making the final modifications at the moment, so I will have photos for you in my next blog post.

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