Hello you bunch of Brisbane printing aficionados. Orders in progress include calendars, magnets, business cards, banners & signage for a range of education and business customers in our local area.

Life has been pretty full on for the last few weeks. Our oldest daughter Katelyn had her tonsils removed last Tuesday, so I am working from home and looking after her. She will be at home for the next 2 weeks before returning to Kindy.

The procedure was completed at the Logan hospital as a private procedure because Katelyn’s specialist didn’t operate under the public system. In the end it only cost us around $500 out of pocket after our private health cover made their contribution, so I guess it was a good outcome. Katelyn received the best of care and the procedure was performed by a top level surgeon. Her recovery is going well – no bleeding or vomiting since she was released on Thursday last week.

We also had a scare on Sunday night with our younger daughter Hunter who is 10 months old. We woke up around midnight and Hunter was making strange barking cough noises and was struggling to inhale with wheezy breaths. We immediately got out of bed and phoned an ambulance to make sure she was ok.  Waiting for the ambulance to arrive was the longest 30 minutes of my life – Hunter was very pale, struggling to draw breath and very clammy. I was very anxious /impatient waiting for the ambulance and couldn’t believe that it took half an hour for a top level emergency like a baby who can’t breathe. Am I just biased or should a baby who can’t breathe be treated as #1 priority?

My partner Ashleigh went with Hunter to the Logan hospital in Brisbane South, while I stayed home with Katelyn. It turned out Hunter has ‘Croup’ which is essentially inflammation of the esophagus and small airways that can lead to death in the worst cases if not treated properly. Luckily Hunter had a relatively mild case that responded well to the steroid treatment administered by the nurses at the Logan hospital.

Hunter was released at 6am, so I drove with Katelyn to the hospital to pick up her & Ashleigh. The steroid treatment was remarkably effective and hunter seemed like a totally different child when we picked her up. I couldnt believe how much her breathing improved in only 6 hours. Ashleigh stayed home with Hunter on Monday to make sure she was ok, then went back to work today and Hunter was cleared to go back to Kindy. The staff at her Kindy watched her closely today to make sure she was ok and reported no breathing issues throughout the day.  Fingers crossed she will be on the mend and we don’t have any more late night hospital visits!

My mum is also staying with us for a few days. Mum lives at Yandina but consults for a company in Brisbane as a financial controller. The company orders an external audit every year, which requires mum works from their office while the auditors complete their work.  Our daughter Katelyn is super excited that Nanny is sleeping over for a few days and its nice to have some help with the kids.

I caught up about a month ago with my cousin Anthony from Melbourne who I hadn’t seen for 15 years recently. He has a beautiful wife and daughter who we also met at their resort on the Gold Coast.  Anthonys sister (Amanda) and her husband Matthew were also there with their 2 kids. I hadn’t seen Matt for years, so it was fortuitous in many ways to catch up with them. Matt had always acted as a mentor when I was younger so I reached out to him a couple of weeks ago to see if we could do any printing work together.

Matt is the QLD manager of a large technology company, and is keen to buy their printing from us in future.  We had a coffee last Friday to discuss their printing requirements which turned into a 3 hour conversation about life. Matt offered to be a mentor in life and business, so I took him up on the offer. I didn’t realise how much I needed some one to talk to who could offer guidance and reassurance. I get caught up in doing everything myself sometimes, so it was really nice to have someone reach out and offer to help.

I also had an email from a lady named Claire, enquiring about flyer distribution in Yarrabilba QLD 4207. We spoke on the phone and Claire turned out to be a marketing consultant for the catholic school network. She already works with a number of our previous customers such as St Augustine’s College in Augustine Heights and Trinity College in Beenleigh.

We have printed Visible Learning Magnets for around 10 catholic schools in QLD. Im told that the catholic school network shares ideas and someone brought in our magnets as something they thought was a great idea. We have 2 orders in progress at the moment from Unity College on the Sunshine Coast and St Mary’s in Maryborough.

I was confused why we never managed to secure much other printing work from the schools, and it turned out that was because Claire already did such a great job managing it for them. Luckily I solved a problem for Claire and she placed an order for A4 Flyers + distribution to the Yarrabilba area, which is 1275 homes.

I have secured a distributing partner who have a license to deliver by motorbike like Australia Post does. They have GPS tracking on all motorbikes and provide a report for each distribution order, showing the are that was covered. I was super impressed with this feature, and our customers love the peace of mind knowing that every house in the are got their flyer. Obviously we cannot deliver to mailbox’s with ‘No junk mail’ signs and we respect these peoples wishes.

Claire liked the visible learning magnet idea and is interested in promoting them to her network of school customers and I will also be creating a promo for ourselves. I will send this visible learning promo out to every school in QLD and Australia, followed by a phone call to discuss with the relevant contact person.

Please call or email our Brisbane team for a quote if you have an upcoming printing project for business cards, flyers, brochures, leaflets, banners, business stationary, marketing material etc.