We are back for another update on the daily happenings of Uniprint QLD (Your local Brisbane printer). Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride! Our print orders in progress include banners, magnets, business cards, flyers and vinyl stickers.

It has been about 2 weeks since my last update – I’m not sure where the time goes. I keep promising to myself that I will do an update every week as a minimum, but I rarely achieve that frequency. Life gets overwhelming sometimes with 2 kids and a print business – When I pop up for air, I often realise it has been longer than I thought and scramble to write an update.

On the work front, I have decided to target Australian schools as a vertical market. I have created a promotional brochure for Visible Learning Magnets and will begin marketing to them within the next week or so.

These visible learning magnets were originally a custom magnet order for St Augustines College in Augustine Heights (Brisbane). Word has spread amongst the catholic school network in QLD and staff have moved to other schools, so we have now printed these magnets for upwards of 20 schools around Queensland Australia.

I thought I would be letting the team down if I didn’t at least try to leverage the success of this particular product into greater success for Uniprint QLD. I have built a list of email addresses for all the schools in QLD and all the state schools in NSW, and will use them to test the effectiveness of the promotion before I spend and more time building lists of the remaining interstate schools.


Hopefully this promotion will gather momentum and we can become the magnet printer for Queenslands schools. I have an appointment scheduled next week with a catholic school marketing consultant. Im hoping we can work together on these magnets and other printing for the schools in her network.

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