Exciting news – Uniprint QLD have moved our printing office to Brisbane’s CBD (Level 6, 140 Creek St, Brisbane QLD 4000). I really think this will be a big step for us – Which I’m hoping will increase both the volume and quality of inquiry that we receive for business stationary / marketing material printers.

Switching from running our admin office from a residential address to a commercial CBD address can only be a good thing.  I think in the past we have lost credibility with potential customers who thought we were actually printing at a residential address, not realising that we print /despatch from our warehouse and I just ran the adminastration from my home office. I’m very happy that we are positioning ourselves in a location and business environment surrounded by potential customer who are larger companies with a marketing budget. I’m hoping this change will lead to an increase in both volume and quality quote requests from potential customers. We had previously suffered due to our residential address as well as or physical location. There are no large companies operating their business in Yarrabilba and even the wider area of Logan has less far less companies than Brisbane has. I have definitely noticed a pattern over the years that our customers closer to the city and less price sensitive than our customers in Logan etc.

The new Brisbane QLD 4000 address should theoretically improve our Google ranking as well, because Google says they want to provide local search results. By gaining a Brisbane QLD 4000 address we should become a local results for the keywords like Brisbane printing, because we are a Printer with as local address. We had previously been paying for SEO on a monthly subscription with LiftMYRank of around $250 per month, for the last 8 months. This definitely increased our ranking but we couldn’t break through to the first page of search results for ‘Printing Brisbane’. We constantly hovered around the bottom of the fist page and middle of the second page (This was much better than being on the 10th page, but still was not generating worthwhile inquiries).

I found that the enquiries we were getting were low quality. My theory is that we were getting the potential customers that had already been rejected by the Brisbane Printers on the first page of search results, or had received quotation but wanted a cheaper price.

We are ranking at the bottom of the first page for the search term ‘ Sticker Printer Brisbane’ and ‘Stickers Brisbane’,  but I think the quality of enquiry would be much better if we were towards the top of the first page. Most people we speak to don’t realise that 500 vinyl labels may cost them $500 depending on the size, and aren’t equipped with the necessary budget for that kind of investment. The set up costs for 500 labels is the same as 1000 or 2000, which means the price per item decreases significantly as the quantity increases.

On the home front, we have a party coming up for our daughter Hunter’s 1st birthday on Saturday at the local park. I’m planning to make a birthday cake cut out of water melon, rock melon and other fruits. I did this for a our first daughters birthday a few years ago and it was much more difficult than I expected. I think its worth the effort to show the kids that not all treats haveto be unhealthy and that healthy foods can even more enjoyable. It was much harder than I expected to cut a water melon into a cylinder ( I manager a lopsided octagon). This time I’m going to use a small bucket with a reasonably stiff edge to hopefully cut a perfect cylinder. Fingers crossed!!

Back to work topics – I did a promotion to the public and private school network for the visible learning magnets that I mentioned in my previous blog post. The promotion was reasonably successful and we picked up 5 new school customer who previously didn’t know we existed.

I also caught up recently with an old customer named Sarah who owns a bookkeeping business named Miss Efficiency.  I know Sarah through a networking group from many years ago, but hadn’t had any contact for the last few years. We had a really great chat about life /family /work and I mentioned that I was searching for a mentor who can help me grow my business. Sarah offered to catch up for a coffee once a month which I was extremely grateful for. We are going to set goals for ourselves, then hold each other accountable for the completion of these goals at the following months meetings.

I’m hoping that the coming months will be an exciting time for Uniprint QLD – Watch this space and I will keep you all updated on our progress. Hopefully I will have more good news to share with you all soon.

If you have a printing project coming up, please contact our team by phone or email for a chat and free quotation. We are not just Brisbane printers – Uniprint QLD can also help with your graphic design and flyer distribution.